Winter Series Race 6

Half way through the series and after being treated to good strong breezes for the last three weeks, today it was another morning where patience was rewarded. With no wind at all at 10 o’clock, a postponement was signalled, and after passing pleasantries and idle gossip, John Keates and Sam Norton bailed out, while Donald was last seen trying to power wash his boat. Eventually the AP flag came down and we sailed out to the platform in a light SE.

The Darts started, but more than 3 minutes into the laser sequence, the wind veered 90 degrees and we had to reset. By now, though the wind was building quite well and a new olympic course was set to an inflatable just beyond No.26, Why Jewellers and Bournemouth Collegiate (Haven as was). The delay meant that the spring ebb was quite strong and it was quite a tricky beat to stay in the patchy breeze and try and lee-bow the current.

A few incidents during the race, such as John Lyons being mown down by a speed boat, but the worst disaster befell Hugh Lyons who had lost his initial lead to Rob Penson, but was steadily reeling him in again on the last beat when his top section broke 100m from the finish. Commiserations, Hugh. You woz robbed.

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