2 Digit Sail Numbers


1 26 Peter Gordon 51 Dave Pointer 76 Nathanial Gordon
2 27 52 Steven Rowley 77 Hayley Hughes
3 28 Matt Southam 53 Ian Roman 78 Rosie Connell
4 29 John Keates 54 79 Becky Walters
5 30 Sam Norton 55 Chris Hovell 80 Amanda Corn
6 31 Shaun / Kate 56 Donald Macdonald 81 Jon Gorringe
7 32 Gary/Maggie Ayre 57 Nick Morgan 82 Judith Liverman
8 33 Chris Guy 58 83 Sally Killick
9 34 John Ridd 59 Peter Taylor (Snr) 84
10 Roberta Hartley 35 Courtnenay Suckling 60 Helen Vincent 85 Tom Brophy
11 Ed Wilton 36 Andrew Taylor 61 Martin Schuster Br 86 Matt Eeles
12 Andrew Hartley 37 Rob Clarke 62 Sheila Burton 87 Karina Clough
13 Peter Norman 38 Mike Kuzyk 63 Richard Popper 88 Pam Woodall
14 Peter Taylor 39 Eve Kennedy 64 Phil Merrell 89 David Pratt
15 John Lyons 40 Gayle Moore 65 90 Emma Aish-Lyons
16 Stuart Bromidge 41 Dave Tarver 66 Harriet Jessup 91 Tommy Freeman
17 Stuart Purches 42 Nigel Pearce 67 David Hartgill 92 Jake Smith
18 Nigel Holland 43 Jez Crowther 68 David Hall 93 Hugh Aish-Lyons
19 Mark Scott 44 Tim Alder 69 Colston Nichols 94
20 Ann Keates 45 Richard Strang 70 Jo/Gary Scneider 95
21 Gary Wakefield 46 71 Mike Atkinson 96
22 Iain Reid 47 Roger Hakes 72 Trevor Annels 97
23 Alan Fisher 48 Brian Miller 73 Matt Palmer 98 Emma Hartley
24 Kiersten Metcalfe 49 Rob Penson 74 Bob Cudmore 99
25 Martin Foden 50 Mary Reddyhoff 75 Harry Cowell


Monday Night Rota 2017


24th Apr Mark Scott Luke Normington
1st May Chris Whalley Becky Walters
8th May Bob Cudmore Matt Vincent
15th May Nick Morgan Ashley Harris
22nd May Colston Nicholls Courtenay Suckling
29th May Low Water  
5th Jun Pete Taylor Matt Eels
12th Jun Gary Wakefield Christian Wakefield
19th Jun Richard Strang Chris Guy
26th Jun Low Water  
3rd Jul Ann Keates David Hartgill
10th Jul Trevor Annels David Pratt
17th Jul Jon Goringe Ed Wilton
24th Jul Low Water  
31st Jul Andy Taylor Mary Reddyhof
7th Aug Phil Merrel Pam Woodall
14th Aug Stuart Bromidge Alison Wheeler
21st Aug Rob Penson Mike Kuzyk
28th Aug Poole Week  
4th Sep John Keates Sheila Burton

Perisher 2017 Duty Rota

Provisional rota for this year’s Perisher. If the dates don’t suit you, we can probably move things around.

Feb 5th Ann Keates John Keats
Feb 12th Colston Nichols Hayley Hughes
Feb 19th Ian Roman Ed Wilton
Feb 26th Rosie Connell Donald McDonald
Mar 5th Bob Cudmore Pete Taylor
Mar 12th Richard Popper Andy Hartley
Mar 19th Chris Guy Roberta Hartley
Mar 26th Gary Hind Mark Scott
Apr 2nd Richard Popper Nick Morgan
Apr 9th John Lyon Stuart Bromidge


Training 2016 Season

Bob Cudmore our Training Officer is planning to run 2 sessions, Sunday July 17th and Sunday September 25th, unfortunately the earlier plan of 6 sessions has had to be changed.

Bob has enormous experience of Laser sailing, and is currently Poole Week laser Champion.

The plan is to be rigged and ready for a 2pm start, if you would like to join in, please follow the link below.

A crew will be needed on the rib so if anyone would like to spend a Sunday afternoon on the water please let us know.

Ann + John


Perisher Series 2016 Sailing Instructions & Entry Form

Only 2 race days left of the Winter Series that has been disappointing to say the least in terms of the number of races sailed.

No doubt you are thinking ahead to the Perisher Series. The SIs and Entry Form as attached.

Ann has negotiated limited storage, but please note that unless payment for perisher storage is received before the end of the winter series, lasers must be removed form the yard by Christmas.

Sailing Instructions

Entry Form

Class AGM 2015 Minutes of the Meeting

The Commanding Officer opened the meeting with a bang of the gavel at 1910 hrs.



Ann Keates, John Keates, Ian Roman, John Lyons, Gary Wakefield, Trevor Annels, Nigel Pearce, Ken Brown, Brian Drake, Mark Scott, Roger Hakes, Rosie Connell, Iain Reid, Bob Cudmore, Donald Macdonald, John Sparrow, David Hartgill, Colston Nichols, Mary Reddyhoff, Becky Walters, Matt Southam, David Pratt, Peter Norman and Steve Tyler (Flag Officer).


1.  Apologies


Stuart Bromidge, The Hartley family, Hayley Hughes and Peter Taylor


2.  Minutes of last meeting


Donald proposed that these were a true reflection of the last meeting. This was seconded by Colston.


3.  General Committe


The following is a summary of Steve Tyler’s report

·        Richard Edwards is the dinghy rep. on the sailing committee

·        Lasers had the highest turn-out of the dinghies (average 15) but races not sailed were counted in this average!

·        Two race days had our more competent race officers running them

·        Trophy races were sailed with the option of using a start from Ron Cox in the bay to alleviate the problems sometimes caused by racing through the harbour entrance. Race times were adjusted when using Ron Cox bay start so that the normal arrival time could be used by sailors. This notion received the support of this meeting.

·        The new building works should not affect the actual sailing but a slightly longer walk to the changing rooms will be required

·        All sailing events will now be placed on one spreadsheet. The intention is that this spreadsheet will be placed on the club website

·        Inflatable race marks will be all kept together. When marks are need for events they can be booked by e-mail to Emma ,the Bosun

·        Fixed race marks are going to be painted with day-glo pink as a top mark

·        The Platform will have day-glo pink marks on the sides

·        Club ribs will have covers for the electronics but must be washed down before the covers are placed in position

·        6 VHF radios have been lost this year. 3 were dropped in the water during use and 3 have just gone missing

·        The club now owns 33 boats of varying description which can be rented out by contacting Tom or Emma

·        Poole Week 2016 dates – Aug 21st to 26th inc.

·        Health and safety issues raised by the Harbour Master were very few this year

·        The volunteering system will be altered to reduce our reliance on one individual. Therefore 50% of duties will fall to the responsibility of class captains who will use the Dutyman System

·        More PROs are needed if racing is to continue in its present format. These duties count towards mandatory totals

·        Colston asked why the Class Grant this year had been reduced by a 3rd, and the reason it was not paid until the end of July. Steve said he did not know but would investigate.


The Fleet’s Dog Robber thanked Steve for this report on behalf of the fleet and commented don the positive nature of communications between the fleet and the Hon. Sailing Secretary


4.  General Report


Turn Out:


The Class Captains produced an analysis of the fleet turn out for each series. These were read followed by a general discussion. No issues for action arose


Class Funds


Donald presented the club accounts to the meeting.

Opening Balance         782.77  

Expenditure               1,951.98                                
Income                      1,723.00                                
My Balance                553.79      


Bob proposed that these accounts were accepted and Colston seconded.


5.  Election of Officers


The committee were happy to carry on in office and this proposal was unsurprisingly accepted


Results:   Monday – John Keates

          Saturday- John Lyons

          Wednesday- Roger Hakes


Training Officer: Bob Cudmore


6.  Monday Racing


The proposal to split this series generated a good deal of discussion. It was eventually decided to run a pilot scheme for one year which divided the series into two. The exact date of splitting the series will be decided by the Fleet Captains taking into account the dates of no racing through low water days.


7.  Wednesday/Saturday Racing


Gold & Silver Fleets


Roger suggested that we had gold and silver fleets for the Saturday Series. This led to a lengthy debate which resulted in the meeting deciding not to go ahead with the proposal. However, since one aim of this suggestion was to increase the number of trophy winners, there followed a general discussion around this topic. It was agreed that an improvers trophy, along the lines of the Mars Bar trophy would be awarded (if applicable) for each series.


Race winner Jersey


The idea of race winners wearing a yellow jersey was mooted and received general approval. The Fleet captains agreed to investigate this notion.


Mini Series


The Commanding Officer proposed a mini –series for each of the Saturday Series. The class would need to independently manage the racing on these days. The overall result will count towards the respective Saturday series


8.  The Perisher Series


The start date is: February 7th

The final race is scheduled for April 10th

The Easter Series (26th – 28th March) interrupts the Perisher series

9.  Poole Week


21st to 26th August inclusive. The Dog Robber advised early booking since this results in a significant financial saving. Information is on the Poole Week section of the club website. A healthy list of competitors appearing there may also encourage a greater number of visitors.


10.         Class Entertainment


The following ideas were suggested:

·        Cycle ride

·        Visit to the Dog Track

·        Sunday beach activities; paddleboards, kayaks, canoes etc.

·        Ten Pin Bowling


11.          A.O.B.


·        Only regular Perisher will be allowed to keep their boats in the yard. They must contact the Commanding for a storage sticker

·        All Lasers without a Perisher storage sticker must be removed from the yard by Christmas

·        The Commanding Officer, requested, cajoled, instructed and then demanded that all over 35s should enter the Laser Masters event at PYC on September 10th and 11th 2016. Under 35s were cordially invited to help with race management on those days

·        It is proposed that the annual dinner/prize giving will be held at a local venue on Saturday 27th February 2016

·        Colston suggested sailing on a Saturday afternoon during the winter series (instead of Sunday not as well as). This received a mixed response although it is fair to say that no one option from SAT pm or Sun am or Sun pm received unanimous approval- the matter needs further consideration

·        Roger Hakes suggested that the Lasers teamed up for race duties on the box when he was PRO – this received warm and positive support provided this did not severely detract from numbers of sailing Lasers.


The meeting closed at 2050 hrs. 

Class AGM 2015





Saturday 28th November 19.00hrs


Parkstone Yacht Club Committee Room


1.               Apologies

2.              Minutes last meeting

3.                General committee input/questions

4.              General Report – turnout/funds/rescue

5.              Election of Officers –


                                                              Training Officer:

6.              Monday Racing: Split series?

7.              Wednesday/Saturday racing:

·        Gold and Silver fleets for the Saturday series?

·        Mini -series during the Spring and Summer?

8.      Perisher

9.       Poole Week 2016

10.          Class Entertainment/ Events 2015 – Ideas for Hayley

11.    A.O.B.


Curry at the Gate of India



Autumn Mini Series

Saturday 31st October 10:15

Last year we held a mini-series on a brisk Saturday morning which was enjoyed by half a dozen sailors, and Colston emerged as the victor to walk away with a magnificent trophy.

This year, its on again. The format will be short olympic courses with a gate start, using the area between the haven and the starting platform. The first warning signal will be no earlier than 10:15 and the intention is to have four races of 25-30 mins each. Last race will not start any later than 13:00. If we sail all four races, there will be one discard. Otherwise, the sailing instructions will be the same as Monday night.

No entry required, but it would be useful to know if you’re intending to sail, so I can have some idea of numbers.


See you there


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